Lee County Tax Collector

PO Box 271 Tupelo, MS 38802
Office: (662) 841-9034
Fax: (662) 841-9148


As required by Mississippi Code Sections 27-41-49 to 27-41-89 (see the Ms. Code online at www.sos.ms.gov ) the Tax Collectors of the 82 counties and those municipalities that collect their own taxes must "sell" all land on which the taxes are not paid on either the first Monday in April or the last Monday in August. Lee County, like most counties, holds their tax sale on the last Monday in August at 9:00 a.m. each year. Because of its size, Lee County has a fairly large tax sale. Approximately 3,000 parcels are sold with substantial overbidding and over 100 bidders present. The following is some general information about the tax sale:

Many people are under the false impression that you can get a piece of property by paying the taxes on it for seven years. This is not true! Anyone who wishes to test it is welcome to start by paying my taxes for the next seven years. I will even send you my notice! The only way to obtain possession of a piece of property through taxes is if the taxes have not been paid on the last Monday in August and you come to the Courthouse and "buy" it at the tax sale. Even then, you do not immediately get possession of the property! The owner, mortgage holder or any other interested party has a two (2) year redemption period in which to redeem the Tax Sale. IN FACT, IT IS VERY RARE THAT PROPERTY IS ACTUALLY LOST THROUGH THE TAX SALE.

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